A Common Lisp package for programming OpenGL


Glouton is a Common Lisp package for programming in OpenGL, using GLX. It includes a complete set of FFI bindings for X11 and OpenGL 1.5 that are defined using Jim Bielman's CFFI package. It should be portable to all the Common Lisp implementations supported by CFFI. The names of X11 and OpenGL functions are taken directly from the C names without preserving case. This follows the model of Richard Mann's and Knut Arild Erstad's "nameless" OpenGL bindings. Programs written to that interface should port easily to Glouton even though we don't define all their interface functions for accessing structure members.

While Glouton can be used exclusively to interact with the C libraries for X and OpenGL, it was written to be used with CLX, the native Lisp binding for X11. Some synchronization is required between the two connections to the X server, and doubtless we haven't found all the cases yet. A simple application framework manages this coordination and other event handling too.

Glouton will eventually have functionality on the level of Glut for common OpenGL tasks, as well as utilities for things like arcball controllers. Documentation needs to be written, but for the moment look at examples/teapot.lisp to get started.

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